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The rush had predictable bad consequences. Not as well done as the earlier books. Unpolished and fragmented. The Preacher was a book I wanted to like. It had all the anti-hero elements. It was dull, predictable, occasionally tedious, and just blah. As sere and dusty as eastern New Mexico. I was frustrated at wasting my time on this. My score C- 2. OK, a favorite author — G. Bring the Heat was a sure bet — sort of. I apologize. Binge reading has its pluses and minuses. With cozies or light mysteries, they quickly become predictable. With heavy paranormal, you hit a wall and have to stop and take a breather with something to lighten your mood.

But some flow seamlessly and have just the right balance of humor, action, paranormal events, and unfolding story arc to be great for a binge.

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A good friend out in CA who has a lot of overlap with my taste in books, especially paranormal, recommended the Immortal Las Vegas series by Jenn Stark. Once I started it was worse than a bag of my favorite potato chips. I am happy to report I have no urge to bite people in the neck or drink blood and do not burst into flame in the sunlight. By the way, the only upside to cataracts is you get your near vision back for a couple of years …….

Five people I know have had or are going through cataract surgery. Honestly, emails from friends sound like plots for some TV hospital drama. The award winner was a friend and her husband who had his prostate removed and finished radiation and took a week at the Gulf Coast before starting chemo.

Well, he stepped on a stingray and got a barb in the foot. What are the odds? This is TV movie territory. NOTE: All books reviewed below were ebooks either purchased or loaned by a friend. All are available in multiple formats. Now if you are not familiar with the tarot deck it has 4 houses, just like a poker deck has 4 suits, plus what are called Major Arcana — cards that show Death, the Hanged Man, the Magician, etc.

George R.R. Martin

Hang in there and get through it and things improve rapidly. Sara Wilde is an artifact hunter using her tarot deck to guide her to her goals. Protecting them is her main goal in life. The man who hires her for many jobs recently is the Magician, one of the Arcane Council, its leader at the moment.

The primary problem here is the reader is instantly thrown into the deep end of the pool without a clue as to the nature of the world the book inhabits. The story is good, the pacing fast with enough humor to lighten the darker moments, and characters really good and slowly fleshed out, but the world building knocked down the rating as it gets confusing.

Her role grows bigger as the series goes on. The Kindle edition is free, so read that. The print books of this whole series are overpriced. Wilde Card picks up where book 1 left off, Sara still in with the council to act as the astral navigator for the High Priestess — an unpleasant piece of work. That also leaves her time in Vegas, the last city she wanted to be in thanks to the fact that Brody Rooks, the young cop she had a crush on when a teen helping the cops find lost kids, is now a Vegas Detective.

Too bad Brody is one of the cops sent for security. A former client, and generally bad guy, turns out to be the Emperor — Viktor Dal. Doing so begins unleashing her full potential — a theme that runs through the series. Not long, but action packed and good story telling. By the way, Death is a punked out tattoo artist that does some work on Sara that ultimately helps bind Nikki closer to Sara for their mutual protection. Born to be Wilde has Sara back doing a job for the Magician — again.

His healing has saved her life more than once, but his style of healing is very sensual and sexual in its nature and Sara wants to stay as far away from him as she can. But Viktor Dal, the Emporer and his experiments of allowing demons to inhabit children come to light. To get the demon back where they belong, Sara must travel to Atlantis to find weapons. Which she did, only she brought them back embedded in her own body.

Once again, the trip to Atlantis gives us a hint about Sara and her real role yet to be fulfilled. I give Born to be Wilde a B- 3. Wicked and Wilde is like paranormal on LSD. Sara goes to Hell. The Magician, Armaeus, who is momentarily human, is there ostensibly to bring back the Hierophant, the Archangel Michael. So human Sara is sent to haul their asses home. This choppy, episodic, trip in Hell takes way too long and Armaeus comes back even darker and less pleasant than before, setting back any budding romance thing going on and Sara faces her alternate self.

Talk about a WTF moment. Even worse, it drives her after her teen crush Brody Rooks who is now very taken with Dixie, the owner of a wedding chapel and kind of Connected network mama. I frankly found much of it just plain irritating as Sara blows hot and cold. It has a slam-bang ending that kind of made up for the acid trip to Hell — Sara has recovered the much-desired artifact belonging to the head of the House of Swords from her dead ancestor.

As she tries to return the necklace the Swords are attacked, possibly due to a traitor within, and as their leader lays dying, Sara learns she is her heir to the House. Not the best in the series, which blessedly gets better. The Hierophant is the best part of the book. Too bad the author fails to flesh that character out better over the series.

Mostly she must fight all challengers to her being Head of the house. To win, she needs a magic sword. Nikki becomes an Ace in training and given her size and police background is a natural. Sara also is keeping up her work with Father Jerome. For someone used to being a loner, these are uncomfortable adjustments and she has yet to fully recover from the emotional battering she took in Hell. Forever Wilde brings Father Jerome and the rescued children front and center. It also calls into question the involvement of the 2 Houses still hidden, Pentacles and Cups.

The focus in of a series of experiments done on Connected children by Gammon and her partner. Sara is determined to hunt down and destroy the Tehnoceutical experimental site using children as test animals. When Sara pushed Llyr back behind the veil, everyone in Vegas had a huge surge in their connected powers. Some want to keep that so badly they are resorting to the drugs — and Pentacles is helping them. Nicely woven plot with the usual slam-bang ending, where friend and foe become hard to tell apart. Wilde Child is the most recent release. Sara finally uses her power as Head of the House of Swords to go after the technoceutical syndicate harming children.

Talk about wanting to unknow something. The pacing is breakneck so it hides all the plot holes and minimal character development. The ending brought in people from nowhere who help save the day. Lyle first mystery, Deep Six , in the Jake Long series was another low-cost ebook I picked up just to try, and unlike Hard Tide , proved a worthy read. His dad, a retired cop, and very successful PI. Entertaining, fast paced, good characters, well plotted and worth a read. Or maybe not. And we the good, the bad, and OMG what the hell were they thinking? Gene pool lotto sucks. Still, thanks to modern surgery, getting cataracts removed is stupidly expensive, but easy.

Then I have to get my driving confidence back. So hoping you all had excellent holidays and are ready to check out what new — or at least new to me — in books! Perfect for getting back in the game with my brain still in neutral. Turbo Twenty-Three was better than her last book — which I remain convinced was written by someone else.

Vaguely amusing is about it. The plot is just painfully obvious, the trip to Disney was pointless except to give Ranger and Steph a reason to climb into bed. Frankly, a dime is about the fair price. If it takes more than 3 hours to read, try staying awake more. Highly missable and get it from your library. Buying this is a waste of money. The new young adult Steampunk series by Shanna Swendson is a new genre for the humorous fantasy romance author. She is very well educated at 17 and gets a second class ticket to New York City to find a job as a governess.

In this world, England has kept hold of the colonies and conveniences are supplied by their ruling class, magisters, magic users who are titled and act pretty must like all aristocracy. After being turned down for every job she interviewed for, she finds she must go into the heart of the magister area. Much to her surprise, she is offered the job, complete with room and board. Magisters, as the audience is young adult, and the prose matches that.

The pacing plods along at times and seems to race to cover her bald spots. Set in , it combines some historic elements with her Steampunk NYC, but at limes seems lacking the verve that make the best book have a sense of life. I was always outside the story, never really engaged. Despite that, the best I can do is C- 2. Not as well imagined as some of the recent Dystopian books and certainly no Harry Potter.

An uninspired read. Turns out, Mr Black is just a family man trying to make a living after losing his job, house, and life savings caring for a sick wife and exceeding bright daughter. Apparently, poisoning the competition is a well-established tradition, all the while maintaining that brittle civility that masks bone-deep loathing among the rich and useless. Another Shade — one that hates Izzy, is also on the job for another club member.

Worse, her honey, the taciturn Connor, has become even more remote and she about ready to throw in the towel on him — except she needs access to his security company to help Etta and Mr Black. Altogether a fun, fast-moving story that includes the Christmas short Taste of Christmas. The author balances the 3 plots lines rather well, with a few bobbles here and there, but mostly dead on. A good entry if a solid and entertaining series, one I recommend to anyone who enjoys a light, humorous mystery with well-done characters.

Poison is the New Black gets a B- 3. I purchased the ebook online. Night School is set in and takes place mostly in Europe. Lee brings back Sgt Neagley, who has made several appearances in the Reacher books past and present. Each man in the class is briefed by members of the National Security Council.

George R.R. Martin Book List - FictionDB

This premise is off to a weak start and frankly, the plot is lame in many ways. The story complex, yet oddly flat and lifeless. The bad guy — yes military — is no genius yet seems to defeat all the systems. Even he is two-dimensional. Yes, there are the usual fight scenes, yes, Reacher gets laid — and not by Neagley. Yes, the day is saved. And the whole thing was lackluster with occasional reminders of how good Child can be when he really tries. Night School gets C- 2. For fans only and borrow it from your library.

One Fell Sweep is once again one of the most original books I read in months. I count it one of my top 5 series. Unlike some, there is no over-arcing plot that must be advanced. Ilona Andrews a husband and wife team started this series online on the author website. A practice they continue. But the final published book gets rewritten and polished and occasionally changed a bit. You want to know how much I liked it? He feels uneasy.

And they both soon know why. A boost bike screams down her road, turns and comes back. She hits it with EMP that kills the bike. The story that unfolds is rich, complex and has multiple plot lines involving a race near the brink of extinction, the Hiru, seeking her help and in return offering her the chance to ask the Archivarius one question about her parents — who disappeared along with their Inn. But they bring with them another race that declared a holy war on them for no know reason generations ago. One Fell Sweep earns an A 4. These last few months saw a marked changed in my vision and it is difficult for me to work on the computer for any length of time.

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Still, it will be good to get it done. Could have been better, could have been worse. I am almost never around the fantasy and paranormal groups I belong to.

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By comparison, I found Order to Kill …… well, average or slightly above. But lo and behold, within a few hours Kyle Mills replied himself. And not some rote response, but a thoughtful look at what books of his I liked and how I loved The Survivor , but not Order to Kill. A part of his response was:. Realism is less important than the fact that he be the master of his universe.

Part of that is shown through his actions and part is through the deference others show him. I thought about his reply awhile and about what books I liked best and those that ended up annoying me and came to the conclusion I do prefer the cerebral thriller. See, even a thriller teaches us something about ourselves. And kudos to Mr Mills.

Happy Holidays! Then he is pulled away when the wife and son of the Louis Gould, the man who tried to kill him, are in jeopardy. Rapp saves the day of course but feels this urgent need to get back to Pakistan. Then we go off the rails. Everything in Pakistan will fall apart if Rapp is there and without him their operations are crippled? Maybe he should check with the Johnny Carson estate to see if his Carnac hat is available for sale.

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I just took what came next as shallow, predictable, and kind of tedious in that like a romance novel, the ending was never in doubt, just how he got there. We can hate ISIS, but big deal. That he deliberately changed the style to better match Flynn is precisely why I found myself annoyed with it. I did like Grisha Azarov, the Russian assassin and he has some potential for future books as he manages to get away from both Rapp and Russia. Plus Rapp is getting too old to be fully credible in plots that are all about physical challenges without the redeeming factors of human error or character flaws.

To his credit, he did leave Rapp with the widow and child now living in his house and not knowing how to handle things. Shallow and to me, ultimately unsatisfying. Read it if you are a Flynn fan. The series is suffering from character fatigue. Harvath, like Flynn, chose to go the route where action takes priority over over character and complexity of human nature. The plot becomes the story and characters are stoically going through the motions of playing out scenes.

I give him credit for slowly developing the self-realization of his and the fact this cannot last. Chantelle covered herself as best she could with her two bare hands. Jake smiled ear to ear. Chantelle marveled at how devilish he looked now, in fact his ears looked as though they had grown long and pointed. Jake twirled his finger and Chantelle hovered in the air above the bed, naked, as though she were lying down.

You want to play the way demon spawn play? Right now, I'm admiring the view. Remember, this was part of the agreement" Jake took his time admiring Chantelle's body from all angles. He had never seen a finer looking woman. Her skin flawless and pale features fine, limbs long and lean, her body curved and nicely padded in all the right places. The angelic blood gave her incredible beauty. Yet, the most striking thing was how her deep blue eyes looked all the way through him into his darkest and most secret places, like the way she was looking through him now, as she lay naked suspended above him.

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