Eastern Sentiments (Weatherhead Books on Asia)

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Publisher: Columbia University Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The Confucian gentleman scholars of the Choson dynasty often published short anecdotes exemplifying their values and aesthetic concerns. Book Description : Yi T'aejun was a prolific and influential writer of colonial Korea, and an acknowledged master of the short story and essay. Buy New View Book. As a sequel to An Encyclopaedia of Translation: Chinese-English, English-Chinese published in , this volume focuses on practical translation and interpreting, two areas of increasing importance in recent decades.

All chapters are fully illustrated with examples in translation between Chinese and English. Translated from the original French publication, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of twentieth-century Chinese literature and examines the relationship between Chinese literary theory and modernity.

Eastern Sentiments (Weatherhead Books on Asia)

Compiled in China in the fourth—third centuries B. The seventeenth-century Chinese Christian convert Zhu Zongyuan likely never left his home province, yet led a remarkably global life. Through scholarly activities and globalizing Catholicism, he was in contact with a complex—and contradictory—set of foreign and domestic forces. A Qing-era law mandated that the reincarnations of prominent Tibetan Buddhist monks be identified by drawing lots from a golden urn. In Forging the Golden Urn, Max Oidtmann traces how a Chinese bureaucratic technology was exported to the Tibetan and Mongolian regions of the Qing empire and transformed into a ritual for identifying and authenticating reincarnations.

Edited by Philip J. Harrison, Hagop Sarkissian, and Eric Schwitzgebel. Challenging dominant traditional views that presume the proper scope of the mind stops at the boundaries of the skin and skull, The Oneness Hypothesis shows that a more relational conception of the self is not only consistent with contemporary science but has the potential to lead to greater happiness and well-being for both individuals and the larger wholes of which they are parts.

Taking Back Philosophy is at once a manifesto for multicultural education, an accessible introduction to Confucian and Buddhist philosophy, a critique of the ethnocentrism and anti-intellectualism characteristic of much contemporary American politics, a defense of the value of philosophy and a liberal arts education, and a call to return to the search for the good life that defined philosophy for Confucius, Socrates, and the Buddha.

Han reveals the complex internal dynamics of online expression in China, showing how the state, service providers, and netizens negotiate the limits of discourse. He finds that state censorship has conditioned online expression but has failed to bring it under control. Philip Thai chronicles the vicissitudes of smuggling in modern China—its practice, suppression, and significance—to demonstrate the intimate link between coastal smuggling and the amplification of state power. Thai traces how different regimes sought to police maritime trade and the unintended consequences their campaigns unleashed.

Gao Hua explores the origins and consequences of the Yan'an Rectification Movement from to , arguing that it emancipated the Chinese Communist Party from Soviet influence and unified the party in preparation for victory over the Nationalists. The book also shows how Mao Zedong established his leadership over the party, with continuing influence on Chinese political structure today. China's exceptional development trajectory challenges conventional wisdom as well as conventional models of political change. This book explains policy making in China's governmental system as an open-ended process with an uncertain outcome, driven by conflicting interests, recurrent interactions, and continuous feedback, detailing how action programs can be developed, formulated, implemented, adjusted, and revised.

Ambrose Y.

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King explores Confucian networks and the development of capitalist economies, democratic governance, and moral education. He analyses how Confucian ideas and values underpinning the foundation of East Asian societies—including social civility, political governance, the role of the family, individual self-cultivation, and moral regulation—matter to the modern social and political transformations of Chinese societies today. Yet the two have a great deal in common. Indeed, the Chinese revolution was a carbon copy of its predecessor until Mao became aware not of the failures of the Russian model, but rather of its inability to adapt to an overcrowded third-world country.

This book depicts the relationship between Russia and China as a political marriage of convenience. Michal Lubina arhgues that the relationship is stable, and will likely remain so. After all, bilateral relations are usually based on pragmatic interests and the pursuit of these interests is the essence of foreign policy.

As often happens in life, the most long-lasting marriages are those based on convenience. The spiral of global dependency created by China calls for a comparative approach that draws upon local perspectives in every region of the world. The contributors to this volume analyze the relations between China and Central and Eastern European countries, demonstrating the similair transformative forces in both regions as they address the challenges of sociocultural and economic development.

Howard Chiang traces the genealogy of sexual knowledge in China from the demise of eunuchism to the emergence of transsexuality, showing that the rise of new structures of knowledge have been central to the formation of Chinese modernity. Theoretically sophisticated and far-reaching, After Eunuchs is an innovative contribution to the history and philosophy of science and queer and Sinophone studies.

Dust and Other Stories (Weatherhead Books on Asia) (Paperback)

This book explains the ideas and practice of Chinese medicine from its beginnings in antiquity to today. Paul U. Geoffrey Barstow explores the tension between Buddhist ethics and Tibetan cultural norms to offer a novel perspective on the spiritual and social dimensions of meat eating within Tibetan religiosity. Barstow offers a detailed analysis of the debates over meat and vegetarianism from the tenth century through the Chinese invasion in the s.

This anthology combines dozens of Englishlanguage translations of premodern Buddhist texts with contextualizing introductions by leading international scholars in Buddhist studies, history of medicine, and a range of other fields. All together, these selections and their introductions provide a comprehensive overview of Buddhist healing throughout Asia.

They also demonstrate the central place of healing in Buddhist practice and in the daily life of the premodern world. This volume analyzes how scientists, government officials, educators, and the general public in East Asia came to terms with the introduction of Western biological and medical sciences. Demonstrating how concerns with gender and health have been woven into modernization and nation building, contributors show how individuals and societies made sense of scientific discourses on diseases, body, sex, and reproduction.

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Step into a Burmese temple built between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries and you are surrounded by a riot of color and imagery. Alexandra Green considers the temples and their contents as a whole, arguing that the wall paintings mediate the relationship between the architecture and the main Buddha statues in the temples.

Chinese Books : Novels - All About Asia #2

It describes the prerequisite realizations of the bodhisattva path and emptiness, as well as the tantric meditations that swiftly lead to buddhahood. The book details the yogic practice of the tantra, the perfection stage of vajra repetition, and the whole path up to buddhahood.

This is the first English translation of this important work, which marked a milestone in the Tibetan understanding and practice of the Indian Buddhist tantras.

Eastern Sentiments

This book chronicles the history of public health in Hong Kong from to The editors provide a framework to understand important events, policies, institutions, and advances in technology related to health developments in colonial Hong Kong. This book explores the development of medical and sanitation services in Hong Kong during the first century of British rule. Moira M. Meeting Place presents detailed empirical studies of day-to-day interactions among people of different cultures in Hong Kong.

The broad conclusion—that there was sustained and multilevel contact among men and women of different cultures—will challenge traditional historical understandings of Hong Kong as a city either of rigid segregation or of pervasive integration. The editorials collected in this book date from to , the period during which the Joint Declaration between Britain and China on Hong Kong was negotiated.

His views on housing, assimilating immigrants, and the collusion of politics and business are still insightful. Christina Yi investigates linguistic nationalism in the formation of literary canons through an examination of Japanese-language cultural production by Korean and Japanese writers from the s through the s. She challenges conventional understandings of national literature by showing how Japanese language ideology shaped colonial histories. Robert Tuck offers a groundbreaking study of the connections among traditional poetic genres, print media, and visions of national community in late nineteenth-century Japan.

What follows is a wild journey involving drugs, smuggling, chases, and capture. Beasts Head for Home is an acute novel of identity, belonging, and the vagaries of human behavior. The writer Mizuno has penned a story about the perfect murder that comes to intrude on his life. In Black and White is a masterful yet little-known novel from a great writer at the height of his powers.

Monsters, Animals, and Other Worlds is a collection of twenty-five medieval Japanese tales of border crossings and the fantastic, featuring demons, samurai, talking animals, amorous plants, and journeys to supernatural realms. With images from the original scroll paintings, it illuminates a rich world of literary, Buddhist, and visual culture.

A thousand years ago, a young Japanese girl began a diary; from it, she skillfully created an autobiography later in life. In a narrative history rich in colorful detail, Simon Partner uses the story of an ordinary merchant farmer and his Yokohama setting as a vantage point onto sweeping social transformation and its unwitting agents. Jeanne Guillemin explains how U. Examining the moral, ethical, legal, and political issues surrounding the Allied prosecution project, from the first investigations during the war to the final release of prisoners in , Japanese War Criminals shows how a simple effort to punish the guilty evolved into a struggle that muddied the assignment of responsibility for war crimes.

Concentrating on the years immediately before and after, — , Lucken explores the creation of an idea of Japanese identity that still resonates today in everything from soap operas to the response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. For decades after World War II, Japan chose to focus on soft power and economic diplomacy, eschewing a potential leadership role in regional and global security. Snyder examines the trajectory of fifty years of South Korean foreign policy and offers predictions—and a prescription—for the future. Terence Roehrig provides a comprehensive look at the nuclear umbrella in northeast Asia in the broader context of deterrence theory and U.

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