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  2. Syria crisis: reader responses on how the global community should respond
  3. Kayla's Crisis: The Community by Mona Wilbur, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Alongside policies, training is lauded as a solution. Here in Berkeley, taxpayer dollars and bloated budgets fund BPD crisis intervention trainings, but officials rarely mention that the training is a mere eight hours. Financial settlements are yet another mockery of justice.


The only role communities play in these acts of performative justice is that our taxes, fees and tickets pay for their implementation. Rather than relegating the community to funding paltry solutions, attempts at reparations and systemic transformation should be community-led, every step of the way.

3. The west should not intervene at all in Syria

At the Justice 4 Kayla Moore Coalition, we envision crisis services that are shaped by the real mental health experts in our community: disabled people themselves, people with lived experience in the mental health system and practiced mental health professionals. If the city felt as much urgency to provide reasonable accommodations for people with mental health disabilities as BPD officers felt to arrest Kayla, such a crisis response program could already be in action.

The Moore family has endured the compounded suffering of forestalled justice and has found the strength to persist for more than four years thanks in part to consistent community attention and support. A two and a half hour course, it identifies the signs to look out for and steps to take when someone is in crisis.

The answer may be no, or it may be yes, but the two women agree either answer is better than not knowing. We can stay on the phone while the whole process happens. Caitriona said they will be encouraging members of the public to undertake the training course.

Syria crisis: reader responses on how the global community should respond

They also plan to offer training at their new hub in Rathkeale. Those interested in becoming a member of the Community Crisis Response Team can apply through their website. Current volunteers come from a range of backgrounds including medical professionals. Limerick Post Newspaper. News Community.

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  • To honor Kayla Moore's life, the city of Berkeley must get crisis response right.

Photo: Brendan Gleeson. Limerick U20 hurlers open campaign in Pairc Ui Rinn tonight.

Man charged with killing champion boxer Kevin. University of Limerick shows pride of place with rainbow flag. Anyone who made donations or provided services for the Crisis Nursery was invited to tour the facility and meet the staff.

Kayla's Crisis: The Community by Mona Wilbur, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Volunteers and community members came, despite the snow and limited parking. Since coming home from the open house, I have found myself continually thinking back to the evening.

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  4. To honor Kayla Moore’s life, the city of Berkeley must get crisis response right!
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  8. At first, I struggled to put my finger on why the night seemed so special. The obvious reasons came to mind: Pride in a friend's accomplishment, sign of the nursery being close to opening, delicious cookies. But then I remember the sense of pride and awe I feel each time I stand in there, especially Thursday as others saw the nursery for the first time since renovation started.

    When I look around at Crisis Nursery, I see secure doors, an ADA approved ramp, beautiful hardwood floors, colorful window treatments, lulling rockers, functional cubbies, cheerfully painted windows, beautiful cabinetry, and toys that beckon me to play pretend. This may sound typical of a place that plans to accommodate children, but the upcoming Crisis Nursery of Effingham is anything but ordinary.

    What makes it so special? The fact that the organization is largely funded by donations -- donations of time, money, toys, clothes, and more. All of the furniture, toys, clothing, blankets, cabinetry, etc. Instead, something much more special happened.